Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Men & Dead Crickets

Men !!

One little word, yet most women don’t even need an explanation.

When I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, I noticed a dead cricket in the middle of the shower floor. I am not a morning person and not being the “dead bug” person in the house, I left it.

Last night, when I went to get into the shower, AFTER MY HUSBAND HAD TAKEN HIS SHOWER mind you, the dead cricket was still lying there.

My husband is 6’5”. He weighs about 280 lbs. Some how, he managed to shower around this dead cricket.

My question, an even BIGGER question than how, is WHY????

A few weekends ago I noticed that half of my housework is spent picking up crap he leaves laying wherever he happens to be when he finishes using whatever the item might be. Because I was slightly PMS, I shared this startling new insight with him.

He was very appreciative.


Raine said...

LOLOLOL ummmm perhaps he needs glasses and is just too tall to see whats on the floor LMAO.

Raine said...

you might find this interesting- they have a name for what happened to you