Monday, February 16, 2009

Christians and Suicide

Out interim pastor at our church, told us that he lost a dear friend this past week to suicide. He said he had known this gentleman for years and they had been on mission trips to other countries together several times.

He talked about how you would have never known his friend had any feelings that would have lead to suicide. He told us how he had cried a lot this week knowing he was gone. Then he mentioned how just that morning, on his way to our church, he had cried just thinking about it all.

His tears this morning, were for all the people who looked up to this gentleman as a man of God, and how his committing this sin must have hurt them, and how he prayed this act would not be a stumbling block for them.

I believe in God. I believe Jesus, God's son, gave His life willingly for my salvation. I have been in church most of my life because of my belief, to praise God along side other believers, and to hear the Word of God taught.

Church people, like everyone else, can be good, bad, cruel and wonderful. There are hypocrites in the church just as there are hypocrites in the work place and in the shopping centers. We’re all human. If churches were only for perfect people there would be no need for churches.

When it comes to mental illness, the church is just as bad as everybody else. The stigma is just as deeply ingrained, the misconceptions, just as stupid.

Our pastors’ friend did not “sin”. He was mentally ill. The sickness in his mind was lying to him. The pain in his mind, seemed to have become bigger than his resources for coping with his pain, so he ended that pain.

I am thankful this morning that his friend is with Jesus now. His pain is gone forever and he basks in the agape’ love of the Heavenly Father forever.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Granny, Holey, Period Panties

Snort. I laugh just typing that title in.

I have loads of panties. All cotton and all colors. All Granny Panty style. There ain't no thongs to be found in my house. No butt in my house meets the requirements of a thong.

I have what I thought was an average number of panties, probably around 12? Is that normal - average? Panties are just not what I think about when I am out hurriedly doing my shopping.

I also have a few rag-tag pair I refer to as my Period Panties. (Only God knows why I still need them. I had thought all my life that once the hot flashes started the periods ended, but nooooooooooo, according to my Gyn this could go on for ten years.)

Anyhow, back to the Period Panties...I have a few pair that I keep just for that purpose, you know, so I don't ruin my GOOD Granny Panties . Some of my Period Panties are just sad looking. Okay, most of them are very sad looking. Some even have a hole or possibly even a failing piece of elastic.

This morning, I reach in my Granny Panty drawer to grab a pair and all that is left in there is one really frail pair of Period Panties. (It has been a very busy and stressful week and laundry has been placed on the back burner.) I mean my worst pair. I mean there is a hole where part of the sticky strip on the Feminine Napkin is supposed to stick. (No more tampons for me - my female innards went shopping for new real state some 2 - 3 years ago. Tampons just aren't comfortable any longer.)

I guess when I threw them back in the drawer after the last laundry I must have been thinking about the economy, afraid I might have to buy more Granny Panties to replace Period Panties or something. So, this morning, I put them on since the option of going au naturale' is not acceptable what so ever.

I just noticed that I seem to be a tad sore Down There. I can't think for the life of me think why & then I remember the panties. Evidently the area with the hole has twisted things around and caused a little fleshy area to become irritated.

Au naturale' is beginning to sound better and better, but what if I have a wreck on the way home? I'm not sure which would be worse...having the ER staff laugh at a fat middle aged chick wearing NO undies, or laughing at a fat chick with holey Granny Period Panties.

Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

Yeah...I'm coming back.
I don't think Wellsphere is interested in me anymore.