Monday, June 10, 2013

A Visit to the Shrink

I see my shrink on a semi-regular basis. It is good for the cause – cause I need to stay on my meds or I get a little “off”.

Each time I see the doc, I am supposed to be seen by the nurse as well because two of the meds I am on cause weigh gain and can cause diabetes. Each visit, the nurse checks my weight and my blood sugar.

Last week during my visit, when the doc was finished with me, I reminded him I was supposed to see the nurse as well. He was surprised I had not seen her yet. I suppose the nurse is supposed to see you before the doctor, (which makes sense – in case a med needs to be changed or further tests run depending on the results of the test results).

At the end of each visit, the doc walks you to the front desk and tells the secretary when to set up the next appointment. This time, he also told her I would need to see the nurse before I left.

After she made my next appointment, the secretary looks up at me and says, “So you didn’t see the nurse before you saw Dr. Shrink?”

“No ma’am” I replied.

“Are you sure?” she asked me, looking me square in the eye.

“I think I’d remember…” I said.


Folks, just because I’m crazy, doesn’t mean I’M CRAZY!!!

(For the politically correct folks that may be passing through – if there are any of those on my “friends” list – I can say the word “crazy”. I have put in my dues for 19 years now and I have learned to laugh about it otherwise all that is left are tears.) J