Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Psychiatric Patient Dies on Hospital Floor

God forgive us because surely, we don’t know, what we do.

The 49-year-old psychiatric patient laid unattended on the floor at Kings County Hospital for almost an hour before a nurse kicked her to see if she would respond…

Had she been a 49 year old “cardiac” patient would she have laid there?

During that time, two hospital security guards apparently saw her but didn't do anything to help. The first walked by and the second didn't rise from his chair until about 10 minutes later.
The tape shows a doctor walking by as well. He apparently looked at the woman but kept on going.

Had she been a 49 year old “maternity” patient would she have laid there?

The Brooklyn woman died on the floor, but not right away. The tape showed that she moved her legs and even rolled to her side, trying to get up.

Had she been me, or your mother, or your daughter, would she have laid there?

While the videotape showed that she was the floor at 6 a.m., the New York Civil Liberties Union said hospital records were filed stating that she was "awake, up and alert" at that very time.

God forgive us because surely, we know full well what we do.

I too am a psychiatric patient. I have, up to this point in my life, been able to hang on and hold it together enough NOT to have to visit an ER, but if I ever do have to go, even if I completely “lose it” and show my ass, I still won’t deserve this. No one does.

I pray that I never become so cold that I could have walked on.


Disillusioned said...

That is so awful.

That poor woman.

Mental illness is so much the "Cinderella" of health treatment.

MMP said...


Calum said...

This is shocking. The woman was treated as though she were a sack of potatoes. In fact, that's wrong. Someone would have move the potatoes because they would have seen some worth in them. This poor woman was seen as utterly worthless.

Raine said...

thats horrific

Kim said...

I agree with you. This would not have happened anywhere but psych.

And it makes me nauseated. : (