Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sex, Metabolic Syndrome & All My Own Teeth

I had a birthday last week. As I reflect back over my many years, thinking about all the occasions I have had to be a part of this grand world in the entirety of the scheme of things, it occurs to me I have not peed my pants in about 2 months now. Not since the last time I watched Jackass. Maybe I should just stop watching that show. Middle aged white collar females should probably be more refined anyway. Snort.

I guess I do okay for someone in their late 40’s. Don’t get me wrong now, not nearly as good as some of you I read every day (you know who you are), but I guess I do ok. About the only major health problem I have is Metabolic Syndrome…oh wait…that pretty much means that cardiovascular wise, I’m screwed at an early age hunh. Then there is that silly little problem I have with MANIC DEPRESSION. Oh and as far as sexual activity, I’m still not getting any. Oh, we can't leave out the PCOS and the hirsutism.

Other than those minor problems, I do pretty well for a middle aged chocoholic who has been rode hard and hung up wet.

I’ve got a dog that loves me, grown children who aren’t doing time or on drugs, parents who live just far enough away to make it inconvenient to visit too much, my wonderful BLOGS I read every day, an amazing ability to laugh at completely inappropriate times AND situations, and all my own teeth.

What more could I ask for?


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