Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mufflers and Tires and Snacks OH MY

I’m still not very familiar with the town I have been living in for over 7 years. It’s not that it is that big, it’s not. It is just that these people here drive like idiots. If you’re looking for a road in particular, you’re screwed if you can’t see the road sign, and turn down the road all without braking. We’re talking in city streets too. You'll get blowed at like you just ran someones granny over. People will wave at you too but they don't look real friendly when they do it and I don't lip read real well, but I'll be dogged if i don't think some of these folks are saying bad words while they're waving.

My husband is from here. He also has that man gift going for him where even if he hasn’t a clue where he is he will pretend he does. We do usually make it to where we were headed, we might not get there in time but we do get there.

We were headed to a chicken joint the other night, taking the “short cut”. BULL BUTTER!! Shortcut my rear end…we drove through places where you lock the doors and refuse to make eye contact with people.

I saw this one shop, it looked like a garage/tire store type place and the sign over it said, “Mufflers - Tires - Snacks”….snacks??

I’m sitting here wondering how strange it is for a repair shop to advertise snacks. As we got a little closer, I realize it doesn’t say snacks…it said SHOCKS.

I have always prided myself on being able to read signs from great distances. I only need reading glasses for close up work. Cheap ones at that. Just plain old Wally World reading glasses, that’s all I need. Only the 1.50's or at most 1.75's.

Snacks…!?!?! Shit. Now my eyes are betraying me. I guess the knees that sounds like snap, crackle and pop are happy now. I'm sure L4 and L5 are just peachy over the entire situation. The more the merrier they're all thinking.

Well, at least when I look in the mirror I won' be able to tell quite how far down my boobs have fallen.

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