Wednesday, December 03, 2008

10 Days With a Toilet

Phew. I survived.

Whatever the stomach virus is that is going around nearly kicked this ole gals butt.

Ten days (yep – that says 10) of pure agony. Horrible cramping, I’m talking cramping worthy of a hot water bottle and when that wasn’t enough a heating pad. Non-stop diarrhea, vomiting, off and on fever, ugh!

The diarrhea is still hanging around, but it isn’t as often or as bad as it was.

The last Saturday night of it all, I came THISCLOSE to going to the emergency room. I was convinced I was dying. I know I was dehydrated, and I was so thirsty and I was drinking but I was spewing from both ends so much I could not decide whether to sit on the toilet or hurl into it.

Rather than go to the ER and be thought of as wasting their time on a non-emergency situation, I called my family doctor and asked would he please call me in some Phenergan suppositories for the vomiting. No dice. He did suggest I go to the ER if I felt like it tho. That my dear ER readers is one reason you see so much unnecessary traffic through your hallowed halls.

I thought it was very sucky of him to refuse. I have never once called him after hours. I see him on a regular basis for all my medical needs including my yearly physicals so it is not as if he didn’t know me or something. Personally, I think he needs to take off his panties and put on some big boy pants and not be so paranoid. What’cha want to bet I’ll be charged for the phone call….?

My only saving grace was that all this occurred over two weekends and the Thanksgiving holidays so I only missed a day and a half of work. Of course being the weekend and Thanksgiving holidays was also the reason I couldn't get into the doctors office.

I hope you all are healthy and don't come across this nasty stuff. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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Raine said...

I got sent to ER too for pain management after my procedure. I got IV pain meds there and that was good but it seems to me that if he had just answered my call earlier and called in some better meds it could have been avoided......... I'm glad you are feeling better and when nessecary for the future .......sit on the toilet and puke into a bowl or the sink :P