Friday, September 05, 2008

Update (with fingers crossed)

Ah life is good. I am knocking on wood as I state that fact however.

The meds seem to be doing their job. Nothing has changed at home other than possibly my acceptance of the facts as they exist, and the bills still come in on a regular basis, but for whatever reason the depression seems to be taking a back seat.

At one time I would very proudly share with everyone when that happened. Whenever the depression would stay away, I didn't hesitate to tell the news. Then I learned that after announcing it suddenly things would change and it would come back with a vegenance so I stopped telling anyone. Something inside me tells me today to go ahead and share - maybe someone else needs to know there are some good times in between. I'm still crossing my fingers though.


I thought I'd share my latest pics of my babies with you all. They bring me great joy, even Luke who tho getting better, still has a tendency to eat things that really shouldn't be consumed.

This is Luke. He is a rescue dog, as all my dogs have been. He is twice as long as he is tall so looks a lot like either a Daschund or a Basset, and has the personality of a Beagle with his tunnel vision when it comes to getting fixated on some object.

So far he has consumed 3 remote controls, or at least parts of them, making them trashworthy. The concept of a Nylabone, which my other baby loves and will hang on to and tote around the house to his various hiding places, is completely lost on Luke. I found this out the hard way after giving him one. He ate it. He promptly threw it up for which I am grateful because I can only imagine what kind of damage it could have caused otherwise.

Luke is approximately just under 2 years according to the vets guess.

To the right is Thomas. He is a mixture of who knows what. He is 100% sweet and loving and very well-behaved.

Thomas is the exact opposite of Luke. You only have to give Thomas a stern look and he will obey. Thomas is a little over 3 years old according to the vets guess when he first came to live with us, (Thomas - not the vet).

Thomas has been a huge comfort to me during the very blackest times of my struggle with depression.

Here they are waiting on their humans to let them back in. "How long do these humans think it takes to pee anyway?"

So there are two of my babies.

I also have a hideously large goldfish (about 5 inches long and fat-fat-fat) I bought for 29 cents when he was about an inch long.

Then there is Maxine, Odie and Rudy, my three rats. I discovered the intelligence and gentleness of pet rats about 3 years ago. I had 4 but Gladys passed away about 6 months ago.

The only have a lifespan of approximately 3 years. So far, the three remaining are about 3 and a couple of months. The exceptions to the rule maybe.

Sebastion, Samantha and George are our three cats. Again, all rescues. I'll add all the others at a later date. I hope you enjoy the pics.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there.
If you get a chance rent a funny or silly movie. One movie that always gets a few laughs out of me is "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalo" I think that's the name. Silly movie, but it makes me laugh.
And thank God for the little good things you have. The bad feelings may seem bigger. But they're not.

Summer said...

I'm like you, I'm afraid to verbalize the good news, fearful that the fates will punish me for being happy for a few moments.

What's up with that?