Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to My Real World

Well, I am home from my trip to stare at the ocean.

The dogs were a real chore. They loved being with us, they HATED the water and the long car ride. They were good babies though.

I believe the official White Trash Convention was staying at our hotel this year. There must have been 6 or 7 family units of some mixture there. I might get into that later. It is a story all unto itself.

We only left the hotel to eat lunch out every day. I did well - stuck to healthy stuff as much as possible.

I found this trip that I am older and/or out of shape big time. I normally can play in those waves for hours. Honey, one of them waves knocked me down and 3 more pounded me before I could drag my ass out. I thought I was gone to meet my maker for sure. I never pictured meeting Him while wearing a swimsuit. At least it was a one piece. And when I showered that evening, there was sand and pieces of shells all in my butt. Ugh.

Hubby and I only fought twice and that was when he went to change lanes without looking over his shoulder at his blind spot and we almost broadsided a huge SUV while going 70 MPH. At the next spot we could pull over...I DROVE. The other was when he opened the door to our balcony and dumped the sand from his shoes right there! Right in the doorway where we had to walk to get to the balcony to sit. Are all men so damn dense?

As far as "the other"...the hope that I had had for the trip... Like the song says; "Nothing changes round here". But that's okay. I might just settle into a comfortable spot anyhow.


Summer said...

I think, the majority of men are that dense. There are certainly some exceptions. Did my husband drive you to the beach? Did he say it was the other guys fault for being where he couldn't see him? Or driving up on his blind side too fast? Or blah, blah?

I hope you enjoyed yourself. The ocean can be so healing.

Raine said...

I hope you enjoyed it. Seems like you might have. Got your email and was happy to hear from you