Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breast Pumps, Hess Trucks and Moving

We worked on cleaning out our building out back this weekend. This house came with the most magnificent two story block building with drive through door and a walk in door. All kinds of space but of this point has only held boxes of junk that people like us tend to haul from one move to the next because you might need it one day or it has sentimal value.

We're cleaning it out so we can store some things out there that we really need to keep but not in the house. I also want to use half of it for my woodworking. The upstairs would be perfect for raising some small parrots.

I found a few treasures, and had enough guts to throw out a few things also. I found my breastpump they gave me in the hospital when my second was 1982. Still in its box with all the parts and the directions. I never used the thing. When baby boy would latch on to the left boob I would hold a cup under the right boob and then switch them around and that gave me all the "emergency" milk I might need to keep in the freezer.

I found a stuffed hippo names Edgar. Edgar was the last little boy toy my son ever asked me to buy him. Edgar was $10 in one of the little card stores in the mall and $10 to us right then was a big deal, but something inside of me said "do it". A few years later it dawned on me that he never once asked for a little boy toy again. I have been so thankful I spent that $10.

Hubby found all his old hess trucks in their boxes and thankfully free from mold or mildew. Ebay here we come. I doubt they'd be interested in my breast pump though hunh?

Is it true that women who unconciously know they are dying begin to feel the need to clean up all their loose ends?

Remainder of post removed..............Remember boys and girls, if you stick your head in the sand the problem will go away!!

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NocturnalRN said...

I am sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time. I will be thinking of you