Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rats, Medications and Money

Good Thursday afternoon to you all. First, a BIG thank you to those who have went to the trouble to ask about me. I am feeling a tad better and my doc will more likely be changing my meds tomorrow at my appointment. The last one is obviously not going to be THE ONE for me.

I would like to introduce you to Maxine. Maxine has been part of my household now for 4 months (?). She is technically called a Blue Fancy Rat. I had read up on rats as pets and discovered one commone theme throughout all my research...they are smart and they don't bite.

I had hamsters (and everything else) as a kid and hamsters DO BITE. Maxine and her friend Gladys have not nipped me the first time. They are extremely loveable and they are smart. They love to be held and their antics are just plain fun to watch.

Their "toys" consist of anything (just about)! They love climbing. We gets lots of little cardboard boxes on my job and I take those and may little condos of them. Nothing fancy, just tape 2 or 3 together with holes they can crawl all through. Every new box to these girls is like having Christmas morning over and over and over again. Oatmeal container tunnels...Pringles old towel...and for sleeping and hiding purposes, I have hung a couple of dish towels from the top of their big cage. They love their "hammocks".

Not a very good photo, but here is one to show you the hammock and the cage. The cage is an old cockatiel cage. The wire needs to be kind of small so they can't squeeze out and pay special attention to places that could catch their little feet and break a leg. Anyone interested is more than welcome to comment and let me know you would like more information and I will provide more pics or any advice or encouragement I can. They are wonderful pets.

Along with a staple of "rat food" from the local "spend your cash here pet store", mine have a little oatmeal (instant of course) everyday, some carrots (from a can) and for treats they enjoy cat food, fried chicken, potatoes (cooked - never raw), and Scooby Doo cereal (dry).

They're sweet guys...truly. I would be careful with little kids that do not understand being "easy" with small animals though - a drop or too hard a squeeze could be deadly for the ratsters.


Kelley said...

That's really cool. I once had a pet squirrel and it was the coolest, most entertaining pet I've ever had. I'm very interested in the little rats. Do you get them when they are tiny before their eyes are open?? Or is that even an option. I got the squirrel when she was tiny and I think that's partly what made her such a good pet. Gosh, I guess you'd have to be particularly careful about them getting they try to hide or just hang out in front of you and play. We have to keep rat poison in cabinets, the attick, etc. because we live in the country and right in the middle of six acres of field and wood. Oh well, interested in hearing more ;)

Dani said...

[i]I would be careful with little kids that do not understand being "easy" with small animals though - a drop or too hard a squeeze could be deadly for the ratsters.[/i]

I like the fact that you wrote this. Today I dropped off my 9 month old cat, Sam, to be neutered. While I was waiting at the desk, another lady was checking out with her kitty in a cat carrier with a 4 or 5 year old boy in tow. He was stepping on the carrier and jumping off of it! I was horrified. I bent down to his level and asked him how he would feel if he was this kitty. He looked at me, jumped off again and hid behind his mom.

His mother glared at me. [!!!] I seriously wanted to jump crazy all over her butt for allowing this and for not teaching him respect for a living creature, let alone a pet.

Ah, well. I bet he'll always remember the mean lady at the vet and think twice about jumping off of cat carriers. (I hope so, anyway)