Friday, September 01, 2006

Homeless & Forgotten

Until I can get back on an 'even keel ' here, I will post some things I have written over the past few years. I hope you enjoy, or better yet, I hope they make you think.....

Obviously I have changed any identifying factors from the article, but other than the location and her name, everything else is the same.

Big City, S.C. -- The Big City Coroner's Office said Monday that an autopsy turned up no signs of foul play in death of a 40-year-old homeless woman who found dead in a building near Big City Mall over the weekend.

Jane Doe's body was found Saturday night in a building on a Big City Road.

Big City deputies said that when they responded to an anonymous call about 8:30 Saturday night, they found Jane Doe's 's body at the former Big City building.

Investigators said that Jane Doe had been dead at least several days.

Deputies said that they believe she was homeless and seeking shelter in the empty building. Investigators said that they found her personal belongings scattered inside.

She was somebody’s friend. She was somebody’s mother.
She was somebody’s daughter, somebody’s lover.

She died all alone in a cold dark place.
When was the last time she saw a kind face?

Did she smile to those who saw her last? Did they
smile back or just wait for her to pass?

Did they turn their heads and avert their eyes,
Look left or look right or towards the sky?

Did they pretend they not to see her as they passed her on the street?
Did she ask them for money or something to eat?

Will I look away when she passes me again,
Someone else’s mom, someone else’s friend?

Digging through a garbage can for something to eat,
Sleeping in a warehouse where there was no heat.

Dying alone with no one to care.
Dying alone in such deep despair.

It could have been me it could have been you,
Or your mom or your daughter or a friend that you knew.

Will I turn my head will I walk away?
Decide right now-it happens everyday.


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