Thursday, June 29, 2006

One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie

This is NOT funny !!

One. I had one left. One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie!!

Over a week ago, I bought a small package of Thin Mint Chocolate Cookies. Maybe a 9 ounce package. I have been stretching that little package out now for over a week. Not because they’re expensive or hard to find or anything, but because I have this little weight problem you see.

I work in an office with two men. Goober Number 1 and Goober Number 2. We have a communal refrigerator that we all keep our lunches, snacks and soda in. Up until this minute, it was a good plan.

I’d been thinking about this One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie all day long. I know, I know....that’s not a healthy thing to do, to obsess about a Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie all day. (I never claimed to be of a sound mind.) But, I have been thinking about that One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie all day. I even checked in on it at lunchtime when I nuked my lunch plate. It was fine. Sitting there in its package all nice and cool and yummy looking.

So it gets to be 3:30 in the afternoon and I figure, “Ok. I deserve a break. Been working hard. Got a lot done. Very productive day. I think I’ll go get my One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie!!”

Low and behold...what do I find. NOTHING! No Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie. No package that said Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie was in just 3 hours ago. Gone! Vanished! Poof! Here my mouth was all set for One Thin Mint Chocolate Cookie and it was gone.

I rarely curse, because the White Trash Academy For the Arts I attended taught us only people who lack a proper vocabulary to express themselves in other, more appropriate ways, curse.

We all share, we bring food products into the office knowing sharing will take place. But my gosh man...who does not know the “Last One” rule!?!

This shit just ain’t funny.


kt said...

i think that is worth cussing about! oh man that stinks. i love the girl scout cookies - not to add to your pain, but did you know they have girl scout cookie ice cream?

Surgeon in my dreams said...

To kt...Yes I have come to know the ice cream version VERY WELL! I do NOT bring it to work.

Hoping4more said...

that is great stuff! cracked me up. you need to post that on the refridgerator for some good laughs at work (maybe) and to teach everyone the importance of "the last one rule"... I would!

or, if you just want to get the point across, it would be funny to print out someone else's story to get the "last one rule" out there, and not embarrass that one who ate it!

scalpel said...

That was delightfully written. My wife loves those thin mints too....frozen, of course.