Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama and the Special Olympics

This is the letter I sent to our President today.

Being the grandmother of a very dear special olympian contestant each year, I Sir, am appalled at the mindset of a president of the United States who would consider that a joke which you said on a talk show this week.

My grandbaby was born BLIND and severely retarded due to his mother going through bone cancer and the treatments it involved during her pregnancy. She risked her life to help her son be born rather than abort her child, while you make fun of what he and millions of others are born into this world as.

He was not epected to live, then was not expected to walk or sit up or basically ever do anything, but you better believe through the love of his family he has grown and leanrs new ways everyday as well as participates in that Special Olympics each and every year.

You smeared a nation of people with that mindset that was behind that remark Sir, as someone who was supposed to be the big social change president, you took us back 100 years and that lost you alot of respect in millions of families across this land.

With all due respect Sir, from this grandmother who has watched this child and his family suffer, SHAME ON YOU!

I signed with my address/phone for any response he might like to send.


Dream Mom said...

I am glad you had the courage to write that letter. We must speak for these children who can't. Their lives are so hard already and comments like that don't make it easier.

Raine said...

what did he say?

Roxanne said...

So much for not adhering to any of that gosh-darned political correctness that is running rampant. (rolls eyes)