Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Review of Pinhole Glasses

DISCLAIMER: I am neither promoting nor demoting these glasses. I am simply performing a favor asked of me by way of this BLOG.

A few weeks ago I was asked to “test drive” a pair of glasses called Pinhole Glasses and then write a review about them. The picture linked is the style I was sent except the lenses on mine were clear rather than the ones shown.

The glasses I received had clear plastic frames and the lenses appear to be black plastic and has tiny little holes covering the entire lens. The glasses came with no literature explaining them or how to wear them.

When I googled the glasses, I found a little information about how they are supposed to help you regardless of what type of eye problem you have. The information linked is the page I read.

I began having trouble reading close material the year I turned 40, and have gotten away so far with reading glasses from the drug store or department stores. Without reading glasses, the words in a book pretty much just all blur together. Ah the joys of aging.

I tried the pinhole glasses both for reading print material, for working on the computer, and for watching television.

When reading, if I squinted and concentrated on just one of the pinholes, I could read as well as I could with my over the counter reading glasses. Squinting to look through just one pinhole however would defeat the purpose of reading glasses and in my case squinting tends to cause me to have a headache.

When looking at the computer monitor and the TV, they did not do the trick for me.

To sum it all up, in my case, the glasses were not helpful in my situation.

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