Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water Bras and Full Flavor Menthol

I have decided that if I can lose 40 pounds, I can start back smoking. I came to that conclusion by doing some research on the dangers of smoking, and on the dangers of being overweight.

I also found that if I throw in 8 -12 ounces of orange juice per day, I won’t even have to go back to the Menthol Lights, I can go straight for the Full Flavor!

Not only can the orange juice help reunite me with my former "best friends", but according to the most recent facts on Green Tea, once I do start back smoking not only can I go back to Full Flavor. All I will need to do is consume 24 ounces of Green Tea every 24 hours and I can smoke up to ¼ pack more than I was smoking when I quit. Damnnnnnn! (The mechanism of this effect is uncertain, but it is possible that catechins in green tea may play a role.)

Once I resume smoking, I will probably drop an additional 8-15 pounds over the course of that first year. When that happens I can then begin socking away all the money I’ll save by no longer needing anti-hypertensives, anti-diabetics, CPAP supplies anti-Hyperlipidemias, and of course, because I’m not…ahem... “getting any”…I certainly don’t have that pesky little birth control expense any longer.

(I will still need the anti-crazies, but I think those are worth splurging on...although..if I think back to some prior material I have read, the nicotine does hits those same receptors on the brain that prozac does. I may have to do a tad more research on this.)

I figure once I start saving all that medication money, even considering the trade-off there will be with the cost of the cigarettes, I’ll still have a nice little booty tucked away.

I may just go to Wal-Mart and buy me one of those new water bras.

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Raine said...

oh this is enough to help me rationalize starting again LOL