Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mental Health Care & Fat Rat's Ass

Are there really people out there who can afford the minimum of $90 per visit to seek counseling? That is the minimum! They won't let you make payments either - I've asked every one I have contacted.

Sliding scale doesn't help unless you're destitute. Forget the "Government Mental Health Clinics"...they are so busy they can only see you every 3-4 months, and they use that same sliding scale.

What pisses me off though, is I know if I didn't work (which so far I am hanging onto my job by the skin of my teeth as long as they don't mind me crying on and off throughout the day), didn't pay my bills, sat around popping out babies, and didn't give a Fat Rats Ass, I could get it all for free just by holding out my hand.


Raine said...

yeah I know what you mean. They want you to work but damned if they want to help you stay sane so you CAN work.

Catherine said...

I'm sorry. The community clinic I go to has a flat fee for no insurance and they are not bad about appointments either. Once you get in with a certain therapist, the therapist will make the appointments for you -- not the general staff. Or maybe just mine does that.