Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Screen Tests & Rude People

After reading Fat Doc's blog yesterday, I just had to add my "fat" story too because, well, people are stupid all over!

I am a former police officer. One night me and 4 other officers chased this one really "weirded out" lady around a bush (it was a big bush) outside our local emergency room. I mean we were going round and round for what seemed like an hour or so and she would even dive through the durn bush - whatever she was smoking obviously was working because she was getting all scraped up and not even feeling it.

Well when we finally "caught" her (Read: she got worn out) and got her cuffed, she was placed in the back of my car, naturally. (Naturally because I was the only female on my shift - one of only two in the entire department, and if the sleeze-bag guys could get away with it they would stick we females with the female perps. No one, but NO ONE, wants to fight with a female.)

Now this woman had already called me everything but a child of God and had told me to go do things that would have been physically impossible. Stuff like that just doesn't bother me though she didn't know that. I guess after some time she decided none of the nastiness she was throwing my way was working. Just as we were driving out of the parking lot we had all parked in when we responded to the call, she yelled at the top of her little whiny screech-owl voice, " YOU FAT BITCH".

Since she was a "spitter", when she was put in the back seat of my patrol vehicle she was not buckled in. I mean who wants to lean across someone to buckle them in when they're trying to spit on you? So when I, without even thinking, slammed on my brakes... she got an instant "screen test".

A screen test, for the uninitiated, goes like this...there is a wire screen between the back seat and the front in most patrol vehicles. If someone is seated, unbuckled in the back and the driver hits the brakes for whatever reason, the unbuckled person in the back will fly forward hitting the screen in front of them, therefore called a Screen Test.

I didn't mean to do it, it just happened. All the other officers, knowing what a screen test was, one by one (the ones who had seen my brake lights) came on the radio and asked if everything was okay with "Charlie 7", thinking I had done the screen test intentionally. I responded, 10-4.

Later on they were all like; "What did she do, why'd you screen test her? Did she spit at you?" I looked them all square in the eye and said, "She. called. me. fat."

You know they never did aggravate me about my extra weight after that.


Paul said...

Good for you. Prejudice against the overweight seems to be one of the few remaining areas where people often suppose they can get away with openly expressing their unreasoning contemptousness without others noticing it.

I'm thin as a rail, way thinner than anybody would ever want to be, but I've noticed it. Quite a few people are finally beginning to I think.

SeaSpray said...

I agree with Paul. Even though there is all this pC stuff floating around ad does seem ok to bash fat people. People in all levels of society do it. I don't know how they can think it is ok to ever knock someone down verbally.

Is it THAT difficult to treat someone the way you want to be treated. ignorance!