Friday, August 17, 2007

Smoking, Sex and Menthol Cigarettes

First off, let me assure you this post will NOT be about sex. Well, maybe just a tad about sex, but mostly NOT about sex.

I have not smoked since December 31 of 2006. It has been 7 months, 17 days and 7 hours and 50 minutes. I could smoke one right now in one puff! I might choke to death, but I really want to smoke.

I am weighing my options...I am 46, smoked already for 25 years. Is the damage not already done? I have metabolic syndrome/PCOS whatever they are referring to it now as. I have had hypertension since way back when I was 34 years old and in fairly good shape. I have in the past two months been diagnosed with diabetes AND bipolar and have developed some weird allergy problems since I quit smoking.

If I am destined to die early anyway, I really don't see the point in not smoking as long as I don't inflict it on anyone else.

Oh, and as far as the sex, it's been about that long since I had any of that too! Sick husband, don't ya know? fantasy...good hot sex with a nice menthol cigarette afterwards.....or during. Hey, I'm not picky.


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Kim said...

No!! The damage is reversible. To your lungs, every day you don't smoke gives them a chance to heal. So while you are experiencing other illnesses and symptoms, the one organ you absolutely have to have to live, your lungs, are actually improving!

You just can't see it, but eventually you will feel it.

My grandfather stopped smoking 4 packs a day cold turkey. When I asked if he still wanted one, he said "Yes, but wanting doesn't mean you have to have..." He's 91 and a tough ol' guy