Monday, December 18, 2006

Quakers, Rats and Cockatiels, YES!!

I became the proud new mama of two birds and two new ratties this weekend.

The birds came from my dearest friend in the world who is unable to keep them due to some pretty serious upcoming surgery. She has Syringomyelia. Those that pray, please remember her. Her surgery is scheduled for January 4th and 5th (it will require two separate surgeries and she will be on a respirator between the surgeries).

Willie, is a Quaker parrot and so far has only brought blood three times. He doesn’t know it yet, but I am a very insistent person when it comes to taming animals. Last night he actually sat with me for over an hour with no fussing.

Peanut is a cockatiel. He wolf whistles and speaks of what a pretty bird he is. He also mocks you if you sneeze or laugh! Which is sometimes funny, sometimes not, depending....I have not tried to hold him yet since he seems much more FIERCE than Willie and I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend what with all the wonderful
holiday crap going on.

The two new ratties, are very young males. We named them Mutt and Odie. I already had two females, Maxine and Gladys. No, we won’t be breeding them – separate cages! I just wanted a couple more.

Animals have always held a spot in my heart. I’ve yet to have one who didn’t love me and none so far have called me ugly names or intentionally hurt my feelings. They’re much cheaper than shrinks too.

I almost feel like an alcoholic except instead of alcohol my drug of choice is having pets. I guess that’s okay since I do love them and take good care of them. I don’t drive weird after I have been with them and I don’t get mean or nasty either.

Mt dream job....owning a doggy day care! That is my dream job, but since I need benefits, I guess I’ll continue to work for a big corporation.

Merry Ho Ho and humbugs to all.

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