Friday, September 08, 2006

Women have hissy-fits.

Women have hissy-fits.

You're talking to the QUEEN of the HISSY-FIT.
We cannot help it. It is in our nature.

Along with other strictly female things:

I do not mind the labor pains. You get a baby afterward. Besides, childbirth tends to take care of that nasty little problem of modesty.

I do not mind the breast-feeding even though the boobs do wind up down around you knees afterwards.

The midnight runs to the drugstore are ok too, at least you get out of the house alone for a few minutes.

PMS...hey, at least we have an excuse to be nasty every month.

Stress incontinence. Well, at least you can still laugh.

But the hissy-fits! No reason, no excuse, no justification.

Just once, in this "man's world", (and for those of you who are younger, don't be fooled, it is still a mans world) I wish I could just have a tantrum the way men do.

But nooooooo, I get mad...I cry. I wait and wait until my last button has found it's way under some balding, tiny brained, tunnel-visioned man's fat little stubby finger then I cry. Not from hurt feelings, don't be fooled.

I'm mad!



Two heartbeats away from 20 to life in an 8 x 10 cell.

The tears find a path to the eyeballs in split second time. All you get then is raccoon eyes. That's why Revlon is such a lucrative business.

Women have hissy-fits...and dirty eyes.

Anybody know where I can buy some stock in Revlon?

Queen of the Hissy Fit


Zak said...

Hi! I enjoyed this entry! Sorry that I was rolling around with laughter at your expense.... but you sure are humourous. Why are you having a hissy fit? I was not bloging for a while coz my students were having their exams and between intense revision and the mountains of papers to grade, I just had no time..... Anyhow, I'm all notched in the tummy coz I am taking my driving test on Sept 11.... I know, what an 'auspicious' date isn't it? Hence the so-nervous-till-i feel-like- puking-my-guts-out feeling.... By the way, I don't even know your name....

Smalltown RN said...

Oh I love that.....Hissy-fits....

You are a very creative writer. I too would like to be able to blow off steam like men do and it NOT be called a "hissy-fit" more like standing my ground....or show my assertiveness....but no...when women demonstrate frustration it is a "Hissy-fit"

I really enjoyed reading your blog...found you via TJ

Anonymous said...

I think the anger/tears is why I have worked so hard to cultivate a very detached anger. It just doesn't do my anger justice, though.

However, my adult children (who never evoke much anger in me :)) say I'm a scary-looking person when I'm angry.

I really scare people? Hooray