Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pocket Pets

I love animals! I always have said if I ever get rich, I will have a virtual Noa's Ark...a pair of everything!

I have been reading about pocket pets lately and trying to decide if I really need another addition to our zoo. I decided today I did.

I have had numerous hamsters over the years, but latley I had read that rats make better pets. They say the don't bite as much as a hamster does, and they are smarter. So today, with DH (dear husband) in tow, we made a trip to he super duper pet store, where I bought a RAT!! :)

My DH named her Maxine, you know like Maxine from the comic strip that is forever drinking coffee and smoking and growling at somebody about something.

Maxine is so very pretty. Her face is awesome. Guess I had never looked very long into the face of a rat before. Counting her tail, she is about 4.5 inches long. Beautiful perky pinkish ears. She is solid grey. They called her black at the store, but she is grey.

She is letting me hold her a good bit, but she is still not all the way tamed. I think I'm gonna find a way to hide a pet house on my desk at work and take her with me every day. I'm alone a lot of the time there and she would be great company.

Gosh I just love animals.

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