Thursday, June 08, 2006

Whats up with the title?
(And who is that beautiful baby???)

My blogs will include comments, rantings and whinings concerning medical issues I have faced either through my dear spouses' illness or my own. They will also consist of animal stories including those about my own "babies" and last but not least, I dream of writing one day and will use this blog as a way to try my hand on an anonymous audience.

I welcome comments and can occasionally take constructive criticism - depending on the time of the month of course.

The baby is, of course, yours truly.


Dr. A said...

Great blog. I just finished the whole thing. It helps me get a little more insight on what my patients may not be telling me. Keep telling your story.

Hoping4more said...

YOU CUTIE!!! Love your blog. you have an interesting remind me of someone and i can't think of who...are you secretly famous? ha, and anonymously could happen!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the time I spent reading this. You're very talented, in my opinion. I read every page in one night! Good work, I look forward to more from you, SIMD.